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Members of the Corporation

The Clergy Assurance Fund is made up of the five diocesan bishops in Pennsylvania and up to thirty-five volunteer Members of the Corporation who are elected to open-ended terms. The current Members of the Corporation and their year of election are:

  • The Right Rev'd Allen L. Bartlett, Jr. (1986)
  • Donald H. Roberts, Jr. (1993)
  • Helen R. Bosley, CFA (1998)
  • The Rev'd Judith L.T. Beck (2002)
  • The Rev'd Rodger C. Broadley (2002)
  • David P. Hegg, FSA (2002)
  • Nolan N. Atkinson, Jr., Esquire (2004)
  • Shirley Gracie (2004)
  • Gordon B. Fowler, Jr. (2007)
  • Louisa C. Ridgway (2007)
  • Kathleen A. Stephenson, Esquire (2007)
  • The Right Rev'd Edward L. Lee, Jr. (2012)
  • The Rev'd Thomas L. McClellan (2012)
  • Mary Campbell, CPA (2012)
  • Theresa Rollins, Ph.D., CPA (2012)
  • The Rev'd Richard C. Alton (2014)
  • The Rev'd Dana B. Hall, CFA, MDiv (2014)
  • The Rev'd Canon Scott T. Quinn (2015)
  • The Right Rev'd Audrey Scanlan (2015)
  • Albert S. Dandridge, III, Esquire (2016)
  • Stephen B. Heimann, Esquire (2016)
  • Clifford W. Kozemchak (2017)
  • Neville E. Strumpf, Ph.D., R.N. (2017)
  • Michael J. Krasulski (2020)
  • The Rev'd Adam Paul Kradel, PhD (2021)
  • Lauren O'Garro Moore (2023)
  • Michael Mabry, Esquire (2023)
  • Rev Dale Grandfield (2024)
  • Caren Hibbitts (2024)

The Acting Committee elects officers and members of four standing Committees to manage the affairs of the Corporation. The Officers of the Corporation are:

  • The Right Rev'd Daniel G. P. Gutierrez, Bishop of Pennsylvania, President
  • The Rev'd Noah Evans, Executive Vice President
  • Nolan N. Atkinson, Jr., Esquire, Secretary
  • Kathleen A. Stephenson, Esquire, Assistant Secretary

Gordon Fowler, Jr., Treasurer

The Acting Committee is responsible for the management of all the affairs of the Corporation and for setting policy, subject to ratification by the Members of the Corporation. The Acting Committee is chaired by the Vice-President of the Corporation and consists of eight members elected for a maximum of two four-year terms:

Class of 2025:

  • Clifford W. Kozemchak

Class of 2026:

  • Gordon B. Fowler, Jr.
  • The Rev'd Adam P. Kradel

Class of 2027:

  • Michael Mabry, Esquire
  • Kathleen Stephenson

Class of 2028:

  • Nolan Atkinson, Esq
  • Theresa Rollins
  • Nevelllie Strumpf, PhD

The Investment Committee is responsible for the management of the invested funds of the Corporation. They are advised by investment consultants, J.P. Morgan Investments

  • Cliff Kozemchak, Chair
  • Albert Dandridge, Esq.
  • Gordon B. Fowler, Jr.
  • Dana B. Hall, CFA, MDiv.
  • Caren Hibbitts
  • Michael Mabry
  • Richard Myers
  • Phillip Ravenscroft
  • Louisa C. Ridgway
  • Donald H. Roberts, Jr.

The Audit Committee is responsible for engaging a firm of accountants to conduct an annual audit of the financial statements of the Corporation and for overseeing their work. Members are elected for one-year terms without limits:

  • Dr. Theresa Rollins, CPA, Chair
  • Mary Campbell, CPA
  • Stephen B. Heimann, Esquire
  • Michael Krasulski
  • Lauren O'Garro Moore
  • Donald H. Roberts, Jr.
  • Kathleen A. Stephenson, Esquire

The Nominating Committee is responsible for bringing forward recommendations for open seats as Members of the Corporation as well as for membership in the four standing committees. Members are elected for one-year terms without limits:

  • The Rev’d Rodger C. Broadley, Chair
  • Helen Bosley
  • The Rev Dale Grandfield
  • The Rev'd Dana B. Hall
  • The Rev Adam Kradel
  • Michael Krasulski
  • The Rev’d Thomas L. McClellan
  • Neville E. Strumpf, RN, PhD

The Corporation is professionally advised by the following firms / persons:

  • Auditors: BBD LLP
  • Actuary: CPS Actuaries
  • Outsourced CFO: CLA Connect
  • Custodian of Securities: Truist
  • Investment Consultants: J.P.Morgan Asset Mangement
  • Solicitor: Laura N. Solomon, Esquire

The Benefits Committee consists of the following people: 

  • The Rev. Stacy Fussell, Chair
  • The Rev'd Judith Beck
  • Shirley Gracie
  • The Rev. Noah Evans
  • The Rt. Rev. Edward Lee
  • The Rev. Rodger Broadly
  • Kathleen Stephenson